Concept Labz is a comprehensive brand/image design firm comprised of a seasoned multi-disciplined team. By combining interior and graphic designers, certified architects and engineers, media artists and technologists, Concept Labz has the formula to truly unify your message.

Dezign Genetics was conceived by Concept Labz as the ultimate formula for successful brand/image design. The integration of visual technologies as the silver thread of experience in the environmental journey. The construct of the Concept Labz process is a thoughtful application of brand image analysis, redefining positioning, and dimensioning through the use of creativity in all the related disciplines. This formula provides our clients with a suite of services unparalleled by any other organization.



It is our objective to guide our clients through the Dezign Genetics process. The purpose is to develop a sense of their brand as a unique and distinctive extension of their business model and culture. No one part of the experience should diminish the whole.

The experience of Dezign Genetics through Concept Labz encompasses a holistic approach to design, while respectfully paying homage to the foundation of our clients core business. Concept Labz identifies opportunities in potential growth markets through a series of quantifiable research templates developed to qualify and support our recommendations.

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